3 Triplet Baby Shower Themes

Baby showers are meant to be a special occasion to help parents to-be to get ready for their new addition. If you or your loved one is expecting triplets, it is only fair to plan a baby shower that is three-times the fun. Here are three triplet baby shower themes that are sure to be triply amazing! 

Three Little Piggies

Based on the popular nursery rhyme, a ‘three little piggies’ theme is an adorable choice for an expectant mom throwing a triplet baby shower. Pink piggies and fun pastel colors create the perfect theme that is colorful and fun!

Party invitation from KayandMay on Etsy

For decor, the piggy themed party can easily be put together, centering around the cute, pink little characters. Pick up some piggy mylar balloons and some colorful paper lanterns to help complete the party.

For party games or additional decor, these piggy bath toys work for both! They could even be used as cupcake toppers.

For snacks, you could do traditional pigs in a blanket for a fun addition to the theme! These pastel-colored paper plates tie in with the theme and look adorable full of snacks!

Three Peas in a Pod 

The ‘Three Peas in a Pod’ baby-shower theme is an adorable choice, especially for more of a gender neutral choice. Greens are the main color for this party theme and make an adorable triplet baby shower.

Party invitation from Shysocialites on Etsy.

A balloon bouquet, with pea pod balloons, and traditional green latex balloons will tie the theme in perfectly!  

Of course, for snacks, sugar snap peas, displayed in a serving bowl and a variety of green candies in glass containers can adorn the snack table.

In regards to decor, these peas in a pod stuffed animals can double as a party prize after beingdisplayed within the shower.


Ducklings Theme

This ducking themed triplet baby shower is centered around blues and yellows, making it a perfect choice for a mommy having three little boys!

Party invitation from Celebrateitinvites on Etsy.


These duckling balloons are perfect to go with the theme, and feature adorable blue and white polka dot accent balloons!

Doubling as a giant snack bowl, and a baby shower gift that mommy will sure to be used once the babies arrive, this ducky bathtub is a perfect choice! And don’t forget the ducky-themed paper plates to match!

The ducking theme is a great choice because it is readily available as a theme for single baby showers and can easily be adapted to accommodate triplets. 

These are just three ideas for a shower that will be three times the fun! There are many other themes that could easily be tripled and made into an amazing triplet baby shower!  

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