Best Baby Gifts for Triplets that will be appreciated

If you or someone you know is having triplets, you might be wondering what would be the best baby gifts for triplets. You’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of ideas and products that will surely be useful and appreciated by parents of triplets.

Promote the Individuality

When shopping for triplets, be sure to promote the individuality of the triplets as opposed to grouping them together as a unit. It’s fine for triplets to share larger or more expensive items like large play equipment or a quality set of blocks, but for smaller items it’s best to give different gifts for each child just like siblings of different ages.It is important that you encourage triplets to develop as individuals as well as observe the very special bond that will exist between them. Many people will regard them as a unit, drawing an unreasonable comparison about their looks, skill, capabilities, behavior, and reactions, simply because they are triples. 

Triplets have the advantage of always having each other that they can play with. They are usually happy to share things such as treats, toys and parental attention, and easily adapt to waiting and taking turns. 

Triplets are often given one gift between them because of the “unit” concept, or the same gift each, which disregards their individuality, and spoils the surprise for the slow openers! 

It is recommended that each child has some special toy or stuffed animal which is exclusively his or hers, but expensive items such as building blocks, cubby houses or large play equipment can be shared. If they all want the same thing, different colors can easily identify individual ownership. 

On special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays, family and friends should be encouraged to extend to each of the triplets the same consideration in gift selection as they do to other individual family members. 

Parents of other children who attend the triplets’ birthday parties often feel obliged to give a gift to each of the triplets, which can be expensive. One way of overcoming this problem is for the invitation to be addressed to each guest from the triplet who is the guest’s individual friend.

If on the other hand, all three triplets are invited, three presents can be overcome by giving each of the wrapped pieces of a combined gift, for example, one a coloring book, another colored pencils and the third a pencil box.

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Triplets Baby Gifts

Let’s face it, babies need a lot of things. Triplets need even more things, triple in fact, for obvious reasons. We have a complete guide to the essential baby gear for triplets to help expectant parents of triplets make a registry or as a gift guide for family and friends of triplets.

The short version is that triplet babies need lots of clothes, bibs, bottles, blankets, and three of all the essential equipment such as car seats, cribs, bassinets, bouncers, high chairs etc. However, you would still only need one changing table and bath tub. The amount of baby carriers would vary depending on the parents’ preferences (check our triplets babywearing guide for more on that). 

Triplets will use an unbelievable amount of diapers. A nappy wash service can be an incredible time and effort saver for the triplets parents who use cloth diapers. Or, for parents who use disposable, a box of disposable diapers or wipes is a gift you can be sure they will use. 

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The Gift of Time

You can imagine that parents of triplets invest an incredible amount of time caring for their trio. Sometimes the best baby gifts for triplets are ones that make their life a bit easier. These can be things that you can do yourself to help them or services you can hire out.

Here are some things parents of triplets might want help with:

  • Feeding/bathing the babies
  • Care and needs for older children (consider taking an older child out shopping or for a play date)
  • Preparing meals (perhaps a meal service–especially for parents of newborns)
  • Shopping
  • Household chores
  • Washing and ironing
  • Visit to the doctor or clinic

Before purchasing services or trying to help, though, check with the parents to see what they need and are comfortable with.

The Gift of Self-Care Time for Mom & Dad

Caring for babies can be utterly exhausting, especially when there are three of them. Consider supporting the mom and dad of triplets by giving them a gift card for a spa, massage, or restaurant and babysitting (or finding a qualified babysitter) so they can take the time they need to care for themselves. A simple date night or afternoon shopping trip alone can mean the world to any parent.


We hope this gave you some ideas in your search for the best baby gifts for triplets! We’d love to know what you plan to get after reading this, so let us know in the comments!

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