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You’ve probably visited dozens of parenting websites since you become a mother, but how do you know they’re right for you? If you’ve found yourself surrounded with babies, triplets to be exact, then you’ve come to the right place.

Still not sure

Well, if it seems like the following list is compiled of snapshots from your new life, you definitely are.


Do you have three of everything set up around the house?


Have you found yourself frustrated with the resources online meant for mothers of one, or even two? 


Do you have three of everything set up around the house?


Do you have three of everything set up around the house?

If you’ve answered no, then I’m sorry to say, this website isn’t quite for you. But having said that some information on this website might be useful for you.

Raising triplets is not an easy task, and you’re definitely going to find yourself looking for answers to the millions of questions that pop up along the way.  At TripletsMum we want to give you access to the guidance and resources that you’ve been so desperately searching for.

As a mother to triplets, I’ve been through those emotions and struggles that you’re dealing with. I know the importance of having readily available answers, and support, when it seems like caring for triplets is simply… impossible. However, I’m here to tell you that you can rock being a mom to triplets, and we’re here to help you every step of the way!

This terrifying, but thrilling, experience is going to be so rewarding. In the beginning, however, there will be mountains to climb and you’ll find yourself faced with unfathomable situations.
Let’s just talk about some of the potential struggles you’ll face in the first months of your incredible new life:

Feeding triplets

Breastfeeding woes

We all know that breastfeeding is best. They only tell us every other day, right? But when you’re feeding three mouths instead of one, that journey might become a battle.

  • Three mouths to feed, but only two breasts. Already outnumbered. 
  • Potential of limited milk supply
  • Need [or desire] to formula feed should breastfeeding not work out. (Oh no! Just kidding, we know that struggle all too well.)

When that inevitable guilt surfaces, shove it back down because you’re doing an amazing job, whether or not you decide to breastfeed. Feeding those three beautiful babies is your main priority, and they’re not going to care how you do it. 

Triplets pregnancy

High risk pregnancy

You’re carrying three humans; that alone is a high risk pregnancy. In all seriousness, however, pregnancy with triplets can lead to any of the following:

  • Preterm delivery 
  • Low birth weights
  • Preeclampsia
  • Placental abruption
  • Higher rates of infant loss
  • Cesarean

It’s likely that you will have an amazing, and healthy pregnancy, but it’s always best to be prepared for anything. After all, that’s what parenting is all about.


If you do deliver early, there is a potential that your little ones may need to spend some time in the NICU. It’s possible that they can be discharged at separate times, which makes this worrisome situation even more difficult.

You have to cope with hospital visits, traveling back and forth with the newborns that are released, and constantly adjusting routines once all three finally come together. 

You should know that you’re going to feel like your world has been turned upside down when you bring those three bundles of joy home. Remember that you can do this, and that one day you’ll look back and realize you did an incredible job.

Yes, you’re going to struggle with three times the sleep deprivation, and it’s important for you and your partner to communicate, and share responsibilities. If there was ever a time to become a true team, it’s now. You’re outnumbered as it is.

Clearly, life with triplets will take some adjustment, but you have the help you’ll need right here. We hope that we can help you find empowerment during this new chapter of your life, and give you the resources you need to become a natural at raising those three babies.

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My Journey

I can still remember the years that I felt I was on a roller coaster, while my husband and I were trying to get pregnant with our first child. Then, the day that we went to see my obstetrician for our internal scan, after our embryo transfer via IVF. The doctor scanned and said,

“Here is one sac, here is another one… and here’s another one!

It looks like you are out of the frying pan and into the fire!”

When my husband and I walked out of his room, we looked at each other and said absolutely nothing.

AlI I could think was… Wow! I just found out that I’m pregnant with triplets!

We were both shocked and happy all at the same time! My head was spinning with this good news, which was both exciting and overwhelming. In the car on the way home, my husband and I hardly said a word. However, in my mind, there were so many questions to ask and preparations to make.

I was not just expecting one baby, but three babies. And this was my first pregnancy. After the shock had worn off a bit, we decided to take it one day at a time.

A Bit About Me

I am a full time mum of triplets. I am just an ordinary mum. I used to work a 9 to 5 job. Previously I had worked as a laboratory chemist and a supply chain planner, for multinational corporate companies.

Though I am now a fair dinkum Aussie (that’s a slang for I’m a genuine Australian), I’m originally from Thailand.

I studied and received a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Industrial Chemistry) and Master of Chemical Engineering, from universities in Bangkok. I grew up in Thailand and spent my first 32 years there. Now I live in Australia with my husband, Gary, our wonderful triplets, and two beautiful Birman cats.

Here are my “first two daughters”, CC (blue point) and JJ (chocolate point). I was born a cat lover.  I don’t mind dogs, though, and would love to have a Labrador or a Golden Retriever one day.

Birth of the triplets

Then the new additions to the family, our triplets. We were over the moon with the arrival of our three babies:

Kate, who weighed 1815 gm  (4 Lbs. 0 ozs)

Sam, who weighed 2510 gm ( 5 Lbs. 8 ozs)

Bo, who weighed 1855 gm (4 Lbs. 1 oz)

I don’t think I have a life motto – we should just look after each other and take full responsibility for our own lives.

During the past years I have seen a lot of fascinated faces when I tell people that I have triplets, which has motivated me! I have something very special in my life, and I realized I could share my experience raising triplets. That’s why this website got started. I hope you will find valuable information and inspiration within this website.

Because your trust in us is so valued, we also wanted to let you know that we are an affiliate website, and we do make a commission off of purchases made through our links. It’s important to us to keep our site up and running for all new moms of triplets, and this form of support is a great way to help finance that, so we can be here for all your future questions.


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