Vintage Baby Names for Triplets

Vintage names are making a comeback this decade. These names, which often dropped off the popular charts back in the early 1900s, are suddenly cool again, and for good reason. The early 2000s saw a trend in very unique baby names, as parents rushed to give their child a name that no one had ever heard of (and often no one could pronounce!). This shift toward classic and vintage names is a long time coming, and parents around the world are embracing old fashioned names.

If you are having triplets, you may be wondering how vintage baby names can work for you. Triplet names all need to work well together, and it can be hard to find groups of names that are both classic, fresh, and work well for three. However, if you spend a little time with this list, you will see that this vintage comeback will work for your triplets too!

If you are having three girls consider-

ClaraEleanor, and Louise. These classic names all have beautiful meanings, bright, light, and warrior, making them a special trio for three special triplets.

GraceBeatrice, and Sylvia. If you are looking for ultra feminine classic names, this set is perfect for you. Beatrice is extra cute when you shorten it to Bea!

MatildaMiranda, and Mabel. Some parents want vintage baby names that also start with the same letter. This group is a great choice for three girls who all need vintage “M” names.

AgathaMinnie, and Florence. Looking for something a bit more unique but still a solid set of classics? This trio covers both points without sounding fussy or too unusual.

If you are having three boys consider-

JasperTobias, and Arthur. These three names are nearly royalty, since they mean “king,” “treasure,” and “the goodness of God.” This trio of classics doesn’t sound stale, and works well for someone who wants classic names with a modern twist!

WilliamSamuel, and Oliver. There is a reason that these names are back in style this year. All three sound authoritative and proud, and would be perfect for any set of boy triplets who are destined for big adventures.

HenryHarrison, and Harold. Need a group that all starts with the same letter? These “H” names for boys will certainly fit the bill. Harrison brings that modern edge to the group, while Henry keeps it grounded, and Harold fits right in with the trio.

If you prefer gender neutral names consider-

EmersonTaylor, and Lou or FrancesSawyer, and Charlie.These two grouping can work for any combination of girls and boys, since they are completely gender neutral these days. While these names may have all started as boys names decades ago, today they are just as popular for baby girls. 

Giving your three babies vintage names can be so fun for everyone involved! When a name is old-fashioned, you are sure to find it pop up in books, movies, and television from years past. Everyone will know how to pronounce and spell your child’s name, and none of these names will ever truly go out of style!

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