Jumping Into Swimming Lessons

The thought of lounging poolside with a cold beverage in hand is enough to make anyone smile. Of course, worrying over three children the whole time tends to dim the appeal. Thankfully, there’s a solution: swim lessons. Enjoying time spent by the pool may actually become a reality, for everyone.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to swim lessons for kids, but all those questions can be tackled with the 5 W’s: what, when, where, who, and why.


What exactly are swim lessons composed of when it comes to children?

Despite what you may think, swim lessons differ from some time floating in the tub. In these lessons your children are not only taught how to swim, but they’re also taught about basic water safety.

Swim lessons allow your children to become comfortable with the water, so they can progress onto becoming sufficient swimmers. The length of these courses is going to depend entirely on you and your children. Some parents keep their children in lessons for years, simply to continue expanding their knowledge of water safety.

The length of each individual lesson is going to depend upon the age of your children. Typically, for younger children, the class lasts 30 minutes. However, classes for older children can be over an hour.

Take a quick look at just one technique taught during a toddler swim lesson.


When should I put my children into lessons? Is it ever too late?

It’s never too late to place your children into swim lessons. After all, knowing how to swim never ceases to be beneficial. Depending on your preference, your child can begin swim lessons at any age, after 6 months. That’s right: 6 months!

If you decide to enroll your infants in classes at a very young age, don’t expect them to start doing the breaststroke right away. Classes at this age typically consist of ISR training, which means infant-self rescue. The babies are released into the water on their own, with instructors and parents close by, and are taught to float.

ISR training is very controversial, and it’s clear to see why. It’s daunting watching a baby struggle to turn himself around in the water. In fact, it’s our main reason for worrying at the pool, right? However, classes at such a young age teach them the resources to survive and thrive in the water should an accident occur. Here’s a look into an ISR training.

Will my child learn to swim at an early age?

Learning to float isn’t the only benefit to starting a child’s lessons early on. This child is just over a year old, and is truly swimming!

If you feel comfortable with enrolling your children in lessons, and you believe your children are ready for the challenge, then it’s a great time to start.


Why should I enroll my child in swim lessons?

Clearly, the first reason to enroll your children into swim lessons is safety. Knowing how to float, tread water, or swim can be life-saving. We mothers never stop worrying about our children, but wouldn’t it be great to have some peace of mind when it comes to spending time around water?

Would you believe it if someone told you swim lessons could help your child excel in school and development? Amazingly enough, that’s exactly what they do! Studies have shown that swimming children advance mentally and physically much faster than their non-swimming friends.  Who knew that a simple swim lesson could make your child the next Einstein?


Where can I take my kids for lessons?

Finding the perfect place for swim lessons isn’t quite as difficult as you may think, and there’s a perfect option for everyone.  Here’s just a few places you’ll find swim lessons being offered:

  • Some schools
  • Recreation centers
  • And Even your own backyard! (With use of private instructors)


Who is involved in the lessons exactly?

Involvement will depend upon the type of class you attend, but they typically include an instructor, your kids, and you. Having you alongside your child may be beneficial if he or she seems to be uneasy about this new journey.

However, if it’s not required, don’t feel bad about staying out of the pool! A trained and certified instructor will be guiding your little ones, and you’ll be no more than a few feet away.

Having you on the sidelines might even boost your children’s sense of independence. They’ll love feeling like they accomplished this incredible task on their own.

Important to Remember

Swimming lessons can be so beneficial for your children, and you too of course! There certainly is a sense of relief knowing that your children will be able to better handle themselves around water, but there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Threat of Drowning Still Remains– Your children will likely know how to get themselves out of risky situations, but the risk of drowning will still exist. It’s important to remember that although they’ve taken swim lessons, you should never let your children swim unsupervised.
  • No Pressure – If your children truly seem anxious about this new journey, or are showing difficulty, don’t pressure them to continue. Time is on your hands, and you want them to feel comfortable in water. Let your children lead at their pace; they’ll conquer it soon enough.
  • Three Kids As if you could forget, right? Keep in mind that some facilities do require a parent to each child. For example, there needs to be an accompanying adult for each child. This is a great opportunity to enlist a family member or friend!.

Don’t be surprised if one of your children picks up swimming much faster than the others. Remember, children develop at different speeds in every aspect of life. Simply keep up the positive reinforcement for everyone!

Tips for Class

  • Always bring snacks! Your kids are going to need to refuel after all of that exercise.  Don’t forget plenty of water (or milk.)
  • Be consistent – It’s important to be consistent with the lessons. Don’t just pack up and run the moment your kids start to paddle. There’s a lot to learn to become truly efficient.
  • Arrive Early – Showing up early allows you to take your time to get the kids, and yourself, ready for lessons!
  • Breathe! There’s no room for frustration. Although it’s a class, swimming lessons are meant to be fun! Enjoy watching your little ones conquer this milestone; you can even get involved!

If you make the decision to enroll your children in swimming lessons, you’re not going to regret it! Their safety is undoubtedly always on your mind, and any chance at protecting them is one to take. A relaxing day by the water might actually be relaxing, and that’s simply a win for everyone.

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