Best Baby Flat Head Pillow to Avoid Flat Head Syndrome

Parenting is full of endless worry, but there’s always something new to add to the list. Although quite common, there’s one concern you probably forgot about (temporarily, of course): flat head syndrome. The key to preventing, and correcting, issues of flat head is using the perfect baby flat head pillow. 

Before you can choose the perfect pillow, however, you’ll likely want to know a bit about the phenomenon of flat head among infants.

What Exactly is Flat Head Syndrome?

Flat head syndrome, also known as plagiocephaly, (we’ll stick with flat head syndrome) is exactly what it sounds like. It refers to an issue of your child developing a flat spot on the skull. 

Babies, particularly newborns, lay in one position for car rides, play, and sleep. Doing so can lead to pressure on the skull, creating what’s known as a flat spot. Here’s more information on the cause of flat head, and even a few ways to prevent it.

Why is Flat Head an Issue?

What harm is a flat head, right?

Well, as it turns out, it can have an impact on development.

Firstly, it can alter or harm the alignment of corresponding bones, such as the jaw.

In addition, studies have shown it can also directly affect motor skills and developmental milestones. Take a look at this video to learn more.

Before you panic, keep in mind flat head isn’t a guarantee for a delay in development, but merely a potential concern.

Prevention is Key

Using a flat head pillow from birth will help prevent flat head from developing. However, like most things in parenting, It can be overwhelming choosing the perfect one.

We’ve taken the time to find the most beloved options on the market, so you don’t have to waste any time finding the right one for your baby.

Top 5 Baby Flat Head Pillows

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1. 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton Baby Pillow

This gender neutral option is perfect right from the get-go! It’s the perfect size for newborns and infants alike, so you can tackle flat head before it becomes a larger issue. Made of organic materials, with a reversible cover, this pillow is a must-see.


  •  100% natural cotton
  •  Breathable 3D air mesh construction
  •  Indented center
  •  Various designs
  •  100% guarantee


  • Organic material
  • Free of harsh dyes
  • Portable
  • Easy to wash
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Fits almost anywhere, easily


  • Minimal potential to lose its shape in the wash

Parents rave about this pillow for their little ones. The simplistic design, and incredible price, are reason enough to give this baby flat head pillow a try. Your little ones may even sleep better, all while correcting the issue of flat head.

2. Bliss N Baby Head Shaping Pillow

The Bliss N Baby Head shaping pillow is designed to comfortably cradle your little one’s head. It focuses on comfort and safety above all; ensuring soft support of your baby’s precious head.


  •  Made of 100% organic cotton, 3D air spacer mesh
  •  Hypoallergenic material
  •  Designed by paediatricians
  •  Indented center for support


  • Promotes proper sleep positions
  • Gender neutral
  • Breathable material for little ones
  • Portable
  • Great option for allergens. Claims to help prevent asthma.


  • Some claim product lose its shape in the wash

The negatives of this product are slim, and you can certainly use this infant pillow to prevent flat head. Your little ones will also be able to have a good rest while cozying up to the comfy breathable pillow.

3. John N Tree Organic Cotton Protective Pillow

When it comes to choosing a baby pillow for flat head syndrome, this is undoubtedly the popular choice. Perhaps it’s due to the organic material, or the adorable sheep design, but it seems to work wonderfully for many parents.


  •  Animal shape designs
  •  100% natural organic cotton
  •  Polyester filling
  •  Indented center
  •  Natural color
  •  Double sided


  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Concave on both sides
  • Cute animals
  • Versatile use (breastfeeding, bassinet support, etc.)
  • Great price for quality material
  • Easy to wash/ machine washable


  • Not suitable for newborns or small infants
  • Claims of pillow not holding up well in washer (very specific instructions)
  • Not a mesh material. May cause your little ones to sweat or become hot.

 This organic option certainly has great intentions, but some say it’s not the best baby pillow for flat head syndrome. However, several parents do love it, so it could work wonders for your little one!

4. inNirvana Baby Foam Pillow

This baby flat head pillow was clearly designed with comfort in mind, but it’s also wonderfully portable. Its compact size and unique shape make it the perfect on-the-go pillow for your little ones. It even fits comfortably in the car seat!


  •  Horseshoe shape
  •  100% cotton pillow covers
  •  Dipper center to gently support the head
  •  Two pillowcases. Both free of zippers or ties. Machine washable.


  • Not oversized (perfect fit)
  • Lightweight
  • Cute, gender neutral prints
  • Free of toxic chemicals
  • Fits wonderfully in car seat
  • Affordable price


  • Nothing to report!

 Those who have tried this pillow have only wonderful things to say! Its gentle support is perfect for protecting and helping issues with flat head. It certainly couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

5. Baby Love Memory Foam Head Shaping Pillow

If you’re looking for a more traditional pillow this could be it. This pillow provides comfortable support when needed, while also working to prevent flat spots.


  •  Organic cotton material
  •  Made from memory foam (straight from BASF)
  •  Added antimicrobial agents
  •  Designed to conform to baby’s body


  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Cut outs for shoulders to allow easy movement. Prevents strain on the neck.
  • Portable
  • Can be used for newborns
  • Even helps with reflux slightly!
  • Extremely soft


  • Baby can slide down easily
  • No design (If that’s important to you)

 You may have to readjust your little ones when using this pillow as there is a potential for them to slide. However, it can be used from birth, and on through the toddler years.

Decisions, Decisions…

If your baby is showing signs of flat head syndrome, or you want to keep that from happening, it’s a great idea to invest in a baby flat head pillow. Thankfully, you have 5 incredible choices right here!

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