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Choosing the right baby gift can be challenging; we all worry whether the mom-to-be will approve. There’s one type of mama who may be more challenging to please: the crunchy mom. This doesn’t mean she loves her granola bars, but rather she approves only of environmentally friendly, non-toxic products for the little ones.

You may also know these moms as “green” moms. It’s a great quality, but it can make shopping for baby a little difficult; until now. These five products are non-toxic, organic, and definitely crunchy-mom approved.

5 Best Organic Baby Gifts







Baby rattles are a staple shower gift, and you can be proud of this one! It’s non-toxic, made of 100% organic material, and coated with environmentally friendly paint. It’s a match made in heaven.

It’s sanded to protect little mouths, and sealed to keep it preserved. Worried about the sealant? Don’t be! It’s done with organic Virgin Coconut oil! It’s no wonder why so many parents have fallen in love with it!

Pacifiers are a baby must-have. However, so many brands on the market are made with synthetic materials and potentially harmful coatings. Well, not these!

This particular paci is made with 100% medical grade silicone. It’s also free of all of those scary words (none of us can pronounce) like BPA, PVC, latex, and phthalate.

It’s a perfect option for breastfed babies, and parents are raving about it. You can rest easy knowing your giving those babies one incredible binky.

The ingredients in bath products designed for babies can be downright terrifying. The mom-to-be will be thrilled to see a completely natural alternative among the gifts. 

The Puracy wash is non-toxic, vegan, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable! It’s also free of harsh chemicals, while being gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin. This is the best organic baby shampoo and body wash.

Babies need stimulation from a young age, and a play mat is a great way to get it. This adorable option is perfect for tummy time, but also grows with baby. Her little ones are sure to love it.

The play mat itself is designed with non-toxic materials. It also includes entertaining colors, shapes, and textures for continuous learning.

When babies are ready to play, they can do so safely. The toys are made from organic cotton, sustainably sourced wood, and BPA free silicone. You won’t find any harsh chemicals on this product.

The mom-to-be will love this product for months to come, and she’ll be glad to know you took her little ones’ safety into account.

Gifts for mom are always appreciated! A crunchy mama doesn’t like to waste, so it’s only ideal to give her reusable products, like these nursing pads!

They’re made from an organic bamboo, which makes them incredibly breathable. Their unique shape will also give mom relief when needed, rather than causing further irritation.

The best part? They’re 100% washable. This product also comes with a laundry bag, and a breastfeeding e-book!

Ready to Shop

Don’t be intimidated by the words organic or natural. There are plenty of products on the market falling right into those categories. Your gift is undoubtedly going to stand out, and there’s no doubt the mom-to-be will be overjoyed to receive it! 

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