Babywearing Triplets Ultimate Guide – The Best Baby Carriers for Triplets

Babywearing is an ancient practice that has gained momentum in recent years among new parents. Babies who are consistently worn by their caregivers have been shown to cry less, learn more, and bond more effectively. Plus, it gives mom or dad a chance to cuddle their baby while leaving their hands free!

As you think about how you will juggle the needs of triplets, babywearing can be an effective means to keep the peace and allow you to get things done. It can be a great alternative in situations when a triplets stroller would be too bulky. As with most things triplets, it may take some planning as well as trial and error to get it right.

What is it like to tandem babywear?

If you are curious about babywearing your triplets and are wondering if there are other moms who have pulled it off, look no farther than Jessica M White who guest writing for about tandem babywearing.

Her triplets babywearing journey began when she took her family cave exploring and couldn’t fit her quad stroller on the cave hike. Check out her ​post for a full list of tips on babywearing triplets (and an older sibling!)

babywearing triplets
Jessica M White – babywearing her triplets

One of her biggest pieces of advice is to smile when babywearing, especially with multiples. You are bound to cause a reaction, so when you project confidence and ease you will give a more positive impression to onlookers.

Additional benefits

An additional benefit of babywearing is that it may help soothe colicky babies by keeping them in an upright position.

They are also wonderful for getting in that skin-to-skin contact time, which can actually help to boost your baby’s immune system!

Physical contact with your babies may also increase oxytocin production, which is essential for breastmilk production and reducing postpartum depression/anxiety.

Great for dads, too!

Babywearing can be an awesome opportunity for dads to bond with their babies as well.

It gives your babies a chance to get used to his smell, sounds, and movements.

Check out our articles on finding the best baby carrier for dads and the best toddler hiking carrier for outdoor adventure.

Start early

Babywearing moms recommend to start wearing your babies early on while they weigh less.

Babywearing can be a workout (especially with multiples!), so you may need to build up strength for it by wearing your babies often when they are small. This can make it easier on your body as they put on more weight.

Babywearing Triplets Configurations

There are many different types of baby carriers and numerous configurations you could use to wear one, two, or all three of your babies.

Think about what you would be comfortable with as you look at the best baby carrier for triplets.

Please note pictures are for illustration. Always follow the TICKS rules for safe babywearing which is included later in this article.

If you are alone:

1. Twin front carrier + Back carrier*

*Or you can substitute one of the carriers for a stroller.

*Bear in mind your babies will need proper head/neck control (~4 months old and up) to face forward or to be worn on your back.

wedge twin

2. Two ring slings + Back carrier* 

*Or you can substitute one of the carriers for a stroller.

Ring Slings

3. Twins wrap + Back carrier*

*Or you can substitute one of the carriers for a stroller.

twins wrap

4. Two soft structured carriers + Stroller

5. Three wraps 

This is not ideal for summer/warm climates.

6. One extra long ring sling + wrap

Note: This configuration can be complicated, so may be more suited for experienced babywearers.

7. One extra long wrap for two babies + Carrier of choice (Ring sling, soft structured carrier, or wrap)

Note: This configuration can be complicated, so may be more suited for experienced babywearers.

8. One triplets carrier

This is the easiest.

If you are not alone: 

If you are with your partner or another adult, one person can carry two while the other carries one (or each of you carries one while one baby is in a stroller):

1. Twin carrier + Carrier of choice

2. Two ring slings + Carrier of choice

Ring Slings

3. Two soft structured carriers + Carrier of choice

4. Two wraps + Carrier of choice

twins wrap

5. One extra long wrap for two babies* + Carrier of choice

*This configuration can be complicated, so may be more suited for experienced babywearers.

Type of Baby Carriers

If you are confused about the types, don’t worry! Here’s a brief explanation of each type:


The simplest and most traditional of all baby carriers, wraps come in seemingly endless combinations of fabrics, colors, and lengths.

If you look at best baby wrap reviews, you’ll see the overwhelming benefit of a wrap is it’s versatility.

You could easily use the same wrap from infancy to toddlerhood (and some moms use them beyond toddlerhood!)

Due to it’s versatility, you might consider a wrap when researching the best budget baby carrier.

Some moms opt to purchase several different types of carriers and switch it up based on the activity or need.

Since wraps can be worn so many different ways and with all different ages, it may be a worthy investment to get a top rated baby wrap carrier if you are looking to purchase only one carrier per baby.

Ring sling

The ring sling is a contemporary twist on the traditional wrap. It is essentially a wrap with a metal, wooden, or nylon pair of rings to hold the fabric in place for a one-shoulder carry.

Ring slings are fitting if you like the idea of a wrap but are nervous about learning how to baby wrap.

The tail on a ring sling is a convenient plus. If you are looking for the best baby carrier for nursing, you can use the tail as a privacy cover to feed your little ones more discretely in public.

You can also tie the tail around the rings for a polished look that also protects baby’s hands, or roll it into a cylinder to use as a neck cushion for baby.

Since ring slings are typically made with less fabric than a wrap, they may be more suited for warm climates.

When researching the best ring sling for summer, look for lightweight fabrics such as linen.

Overall, ring sling baby carrier reviews show that moms prefer ring slings when choosing the best baby carrier for summer.

Soft structured carrier

This is the most popular type of baby carrier, likely because they are so easy to use.

They usually come with a buckle or velcro design making them quick to put on or take off, almost like a baby backpack.

They combine the closeness of wraps and ring slings with an ergonomic structure and additional features such as shoulder pads, sleep hoods, and pockets.

Soft structured carriers can usually be worn on either your front or back.

For the front carry, they vary between having baby facing forward (front outward-facing) or facing your chest (front inward-facing).

Bear in mind your babies will need proper head/neck control (~4 months old and up) to face forward or to be worn on your back.

Twin carrier

A twin carrier is usually a soft structured carrier that is designed to hold two babies.

The babies can be in the front only, on the sides only, or one in front and one in back.

If you are looking for the best baby carrier for dad or your partner to carry two of your trio, this can be a suitable option.

Triplets carrier

While it’s no longer available, there was a baby carrier designed for triplets by MaxiMom. It was designed with straps that stay on baby while in their carseat, which you could attach yourself to the main carrier without assistance.

Before you buy

Now you know some basic differences between wraps, ring slings, and carriers.

Before we talk about the best baby carrier for triplets, let’s talk about how you can find out which one is best for YOU. Keep in mind there are other types we have not mentioned here, such as mei tais and pouch slings.

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Find a friend, babywearing meetup, or rental!

We highly suggest finding a friend or relative who owns a baby carrier and trying it on, preferably with a baby in it.

See how it feels on your body to walk around, to reach for things, or to bend over to pick something up. Babywearing takes some getting used to so it might feel awkward at first.

Practice putting them on and taking them off, especially if you plan to use a wrap. You might feel more comfortable practicing over a bed and with a spotter until you get the hang of it. It’s okay to feel intimidated at first!

If you don’t know anyone with a baby carrier, there may be a babywearing meetup in your area where you can try on all different types of carriers.

The benefit of these meetups is being able to talk to moms about their varied experiences babywearing since it’s different for everyone!

It can also be an opportunity to swap your baby carrier with another mom’s if you are unhappy with it or need a different size.

Some companies even offer baby carrier rentals for you to try at home for a week or so.

Best baby carrier for triplets

We mentioned various arrangements for triplets. If you are able to try some on, you might have a better idea of what would work best for you and your family.

Think about when you would like to use the baby carriers. Would it be during the day at home as you get things done around the house? Or is it more for outings, perhaps with your partner?

Think about whether you want to nurse while using a carrier in order to find the best baby carrier for breastfeeding.

If you suffer from back pain or other physical issues, try wearing your baby as high as possible for a stable center of gravity. The heavier child should go on your back when carrying more than one at a time.

Some moms say their babies don’t like to be worn or they only like certain carriers. Your baby might need some time getting used to babywearing as well. For the most part, though, babies enjoy the closeness of babywearing since it is similar to being in the womb.

Ideally speaking, it’s best to try them on if you can to see what works for you and your babies.

Practically speaking, you may not be able to and may be relying on the Internet for baby carrier reviews. Check out our curated list of best baby carriers to help you in your search for the best baby carrier for triplets. 

Safety precautions when babywearing

Always follow the TICKS rules for safe babywearing:


Your baby should always be as close to you as possible to prevent them from slumping down in the carrier.

In view at all times

You should always be able to see your baby’s face.

Close enough to kiss

In front carry positions, your baby should be high enough on your body that you could kiss them. This means that their head is as close to your head as possible, which also applies for back carries.

Keep chin off the chest

Your baby’s chin should never be resting against their chest. This can obstruct their airway and cause neck injury.

Supported back

Be sure to maintain your baby’s natural spinal curves in a supported position. This also prevents slumping. 

Other safety tips

  • Avoid hot beverages/soups while babywearing,
  • Never ride a bicycle or drive while babywearing.
  • Always check (and double check) that your baby is secure.
  • Tucks loose ends to prevent falls, fires, etc.
  • Use care when bending over (squat if possible, and keep a hand on your baby)

Final safety mention: hip dysplasia

There is some controversy over the physiology of some baby carriers as dangerous for hip development. This is because they can place unnecessary force on baby’s hip joint by not properly supporting their thigh.

Baby Harness
Hip Health


Many forward facing carriers lack this thigh support, so you may take this into consideration if you are looking for the best forward facing baby carrier.


If you are brand new to babywearing, it can seem very overwhelming at first to find the best infant baby carrier. Whether you are looking for the best baby wrap, ring sling, or carrier, we hope this guide was helpful in your search. Be sure to check out our reviews for an inside look at the best baby carriers.

As we mentioned before, it can be extremely helpful to talk to other babywearing parents (especially parents of twins or triplets) and try some baby carriers on before you make a decision on which is the best baby carrier for triplets. Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or suggestions below!

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