8 Weeks: Growing into Infancy

Your little ones are now passing the newborn stage, and making some incredible developments along the way! As you’ve noticed in the last two months, they’re always learning and growing. At 8 weeks, however, exciting milestones start to take place, and your little ones begin to interact with you as their knowledge expands.

This is the stage where all the fun begins, and your babies truly start to show what they’ve learned.

Your Babies May Now Be…

  • Smiling – No, it isn’t just gas! That toothless grin is a true smile.
  • Bringing their hands together – They’ve finally realized they have hands at the end of those tiny arms, and they’re ready to figure out what they do.
  • Making Sounds – It may sound like gibberish, but those noises are the start to future conversations. Those adorable coos are shaping the way for their first words.

Some Tips to Encourage Learning

  • Use your hands when you talk, sing, and move. Your babies are starting to understand their body, and it helps to see those hands in motion..
  • Smile back at your baby – They’ll learn what amuses you, and continue to smile back! Making funny faces is also a great learning tool to understanding emotion.
  • Have a conversation – Talk to your babies, and wait for them to answer. This encourages play, but also lets them know how conversations work.

As your babies begin to become more aware of their surroundings, playtime becomes even more essential for learning. Simple activities can become play at this age, so take advantage of every opportunity to interact with your little ones.

Some Playtime Activities for 8 Weeks

  • Singing and talking – Sing and talk every chance you get. Repetition of songs is a wonderful way to help your little ones learn. You can never sing “itsy bitsy Spider” too many times.Singing, and all communication, can be a crucial tool in your babies’ learning, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at all the incredible benefits singing has to offer your little ones.  
  • Join in on Tummy Time – Tummy time is still an excellent play idea for your little ones, but don’t hesitate to join. Lie down on the floor beside your little ones and talk away.
  • Explore the outdoors – Taking your baby on a walk is a phenomenal learning tool, but can also be playful. They’ll be able to explore the world around them, and learn the differences between each place.For some added learning, let your little ones feel the grass, or listen to the birds. Any sensory learning can be beneficial!

Potential Issues to Bring  Up

Around this time you typically have an exciting check up for your little ones. Your babies are likely making remarkable bounds, but there are a few things worth mentioning to the doctor.

  • Not making sounds
  • Not beginning to smile
  • Not making eye contact

Babies develop at different speeds, but it never hurts to be cautious.

Enjoy this wonderful age with your babies. Never underestimate the value of playtime. Learning through play is effective, fun, and helps develop those incredible little minds.

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