Learning and Playing at 8 Months

They say time flies by, and it’s never truer than when your babies are growing right before you. The first year of life goes by all too quickly, and there’s so much to learn along the way!

At 8 months old, the learning development of your babies is in full swing, and there’s plenty you can do to contribute.

What Your Baby May Now Be Doing

A lot has happened in the past eight months, and there are a few common traits your babies will be proudly displaying.

  • Sitting independently – A huge milestone!
  • Placing toys in the mouth (and anything else they find!)- Remember to keep anything you don’t want in your babies’ mouths far out of reach.
  • Showing concern or anxiety for new faces- Stranger danger starts early; at least in the minds of your little ones. Your babies will likely show a sense of uncertainty when meeting new people, which is actually a great part of their growth!

Some New Tips to Encourage Learning

You’ve been doing an incredible job helping your little ones learn as they grow, but the job is never done! With those new accomplishments come new learning opportunities.

  • Help your little one continue working on sitting up from the lying down position. Tummy time is a perfect way for them to try out their new moves!
  • Schedule some playtime with a fellow mama, or take your little one out for the day. The social interaction is wonderful for your babies, and will keep that anxiety of strangers from turning into fear.
  • Start waiting for a response from your little ones. You’ve likely been doing all the work until now, but you can now let your little one respond to conversation, have him move your hands when playing peek-a-boo, or let your baby find a [partially] hidden toy.

Playtime with your 8 Month Olds

Playtime is starting to become truly fun for everyone! Your babies have soaked in a great deal of knowledge, and now they can use it for some fun activities.

  • Play action games – Peek-a-boo is starting to become more entertaining for your babies! Other games with hand action, such as itsy-bitsy spider, are great as well.
  • Playtime on the floor- Get down on the floor with your baby and roll around! Some fun on the floor will encourage him to explore other movement, like crawling!
  • Fun with Mirrors- Babies love mirrors. They don’t realize they’re seeing their own reflection, but the interaction is still entertaining for them. It’s also great for their cognitive development.
  • Ball toss- Now that baby is sitting, roll a ball around! Sit in front of your little one and roll a ball lightly into the lap. These sensory balls are perfect for this game!

Pave the Way for the First Words

Don’t forget to talk, talk, talk to your babies at this stage! Language is really going to start taking form for your little ones. All communication is beneficial, so sing, read a book, or tell them about your day! Board books are a great idea at this age, so your baby can play with the book, without destroying it.

Be sure to talk to your doctor if you notice any of the following:

  • Baby does not enjoy eye contact with  you
  • No interest in sounds
  • Baby doesn’t “babble”
  • Inability to roll
  • Baby is not pointing yet

It’s possible some things may develop later for your baby, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be cautious when it comes to your precious babies.

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