Play and Development: Four Months

Your little ones are now 4 months old, believe it or not! They’ve been conquering milestones and developing some incredible personalities. Their curiosity is in full affect, and a little love and play from you is going to do wonders for their learning development.

Your Babies May Be…

  • Rolling from tummy to backDon’t be surprised if you’re more excited than your baby. It’s a big milestone!
  • Lifting head high during tummy time- Tummy time is also great for strengthening those neck muscles!
  • Beginning to follow the movement of toys or people- Your babies can now follow the motion of people and objects. This is great for their hand-eye coordination.

A great way to truly support your little ones learning at this stage is incorporate some of the following:

  • Practice some back play– Your little one has tummy time mastered. Now give them some time on their back to explore new surroundings.
  • Invest in toys that move– This will encourage your little one to keep working on their focus.
  • Shower them with love– Bonding with your little ones is probably the most beneficial tool to their personal growth and development. Besides, it’s impossible not to shower them with love!

Play-Based Activities

  • Tummy time with Mama-Get down and play on your belly too! Show your little ones how to roll, lift your head, or even share a toy together.
  • Activity Centers-Activity centers, like this one below, are great for this age! The hanging toys encourage hand-eye coordination, and it will also encourage your little one to begin using their hands and feet.

Bright Starts Zig Zag Safari Activity Gym and Play Mat with Take-Along Toys, Ages Newborn +
  • Additional toys include: Zebra chime, Baby-safe mirror, Ring rattle & Leaf shaped toy
  • Mat is machine washable
  • Additional toys include: lion chime, baby-safe mirror, ring rattle and elephant link
  • Additional toys include zebra chime, baby-safe mirror, ring rattle, and leaf-shaped toy

  • Reading/ Looking at books-The colors of the pages will undoubtedly catch the attention of your baby. It’s also a great way to utilize the importance of communication.
  • Singing- There’s no doubt that your babies love the sounds of your voice! Enjoy it, and put on a show. Singing is so beneficial to the learning development of little ones. Incorporating body movement is also great for this age, since they can now [slowly] follow along.

Learning the Ropes 

Along with all the amazing knowledge your little ones are absorbing comes some new behavior. They’re learning how to make you respond. They may start screeching to get your attention, or become fussier when they need something. Remember, their behavioral development continues to grow as they learn more about the world around them.

Discussing Milestones

Although all babies grow at different paces, there are certain achievements associated with 4 months of age. Talk with your pediatrician about your babies’ progress, particularly if any of the following applies to them:

  • Not responding to noises
  • Not making sounds
  • Not making eye contact/ Lack of focus
  • Not lifting head during tummy time

Every activity is an opportunity for growth with your babies. Embrace this incredible age, and cherish the fact that you’re single handedly contributing to a wondrous amount of their knowledge and growth!

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