Toddler Play and Development: 3 ½ Years Old

Your little ones are in full toddler mode now, and they’re ready to show everything they’ve learned up to this point. At three and a half years old, your babies are more independent than ever before, and are beginning to embrace their adventurous side. They’re more involved in play, and are eager to learn everyday!

At This Age…

Your triplets have made incredible bounds in the last few years, and they’re quite the accomplished toddlers. Although knowledge and traits will differ, your babies are likely doing any of the following at this point:

  • Running/Climbing Stairs- Baby-proofing has never been so appreciated!
  • Arts- You may have the next Picasso on your hands with all that drawing talent. There’s plenty of artistic ways to keep those little brains busy!
  • Asking Questions- Those expanding minds so inquisitive! Be prepared for all sorts of questions from your little ones.

A wonderful way to support your little one’s learning at this stage is to let them be involved in daily activities. Let them help with cooking, shopping, or even making the bed. Simple tasks like these are perfect learning opportunities.

Play-Based Activities for Your Toddler

Play isn’t only fun for your toddlers, but it’s incredibly beneficial to their growth and development. Consider trying some of the following activities to really get your little ones’ minds moving:

  • Make up Games- Your imagination is the limit! A game can even consist of items right in the home. Your little one will learn the possibilities of imagination watching you invent these new ideas.
  • Let Them Do It- That independence continues to grow, which is great! Let your toddlers try new things on their own, such as pouring a bowl of cereal.
  • Share Stories- Another opportunity to encourage the use of those imaginations, or a chance to work on communication! Talking, reading, and sharing are all great ways to learn new words, understand conversations, and bond with Mommy.
  • Introduce Some New Toys- Toys should advance along with your child. Try introducing new toys, like these toy (Amazon links) :

Kidwerkz Dinosaur Toys– Bright, colorful, and entertaining. These toys also introduce your child to the concept of problem-solving.

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe– This incredible desk has everything a parent could ask for. It keeps your little one entertained with songs, new vocabulary words, a chalkboard for art, and five engaging activity pages.

You’ve probably realized your little ones are more inquisitive than ever, so keep communication in mind! They may want their space (not that you’ll mind), but even a minute of communication during their playtime is rewarding for their development. Answer those crazy questions, and maybe even ask them one in return. They’ll love the opportunity to share their new opinions!

Discussing Potential Delays

As your toddlers continue to grow, there are some developments that should be taking place. However, if any of the following applies to your child, you should discuss it with your child’s health practitioner:

  • Not speaking clearly
  • Unable to form sentences
  • Not coming to you for comfort
  • Not playing “pretend” games
  • Lack of interest in playing with other children
  • Not drawing

Embrace this incredible time with your triplets, and guide them in their learning journey. They’ll look to you for all sorts of new answers at this age, and you should feel proud to provide them.

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