Play and Development: The Infamous Twos

Your little ones are now two years old! They’re ready to embrace a newfound independence, which you’ve already noticed of course. Don’t worry; those dreaded “terrible twos” will be filled with fun activities, new opportunities for learning, and only a bit of occasional chaos.  

Your children are likely doing something new daily, but there are a few common developments associated with this age. 

Some Things your Child May be Doing

  • Mimicking you- Your children look up to you, so it’s no surprise they want to be like you! They may begin to copy your actions, such as sweeping the floor. Let’s hope it’s something positive!
  •  Dressing Up- Those imaginations are mixing with independence, and your little ones now like to dress themselves. They may not always be presentable, but it sure is fun for them!
  • Talking up a Storm- Babies at this age say at least 20 words (Sometimes more than 50),) and are beginning to put words together.
  • Throwing Tantrums- This age earned its nickname for a reason. Those lovely meltdowns have emerged, and your little ones are plunging into the woes of the terrible twos.

There are all kinds of ways to entertain your little ones, and help them on their learning journey. One of the most simplistic methods, however, is to join in when they show interest in something. Talk back constantly, let your little one help you with laundry, or play with a favorite toy together.

Involvement from you is the key to learning and play at this rambunctious age.

Play-Based Learning

At two years old, playtime is going to become much more hands-on for your children. They’re learning what their body can do, how to make decisions, and discovering independence through play.  The benefits to play-based learning are endless, and it’s been said it even helps structure the brain itself!  

Ideas For Play Time

  • Drawing- Drawing has so much to offer! New colors, shapes, the magic of a pencil; it’s all wondrous to a toddler. A mess-free drawing pad, like this one, is an awesome idea for introducing drawing to your kids.
  • Talking- Communication is an activity in itself! Talk to your little one all the time, but also ask questions! For instance, ask your child what he or she would like to play with. This helps them understand the ability of making choices.
  •  Get Out and About- Taking your children outside is beneficial to all of the senses! A trip to the park lets them play in nature, explore sensory play, and have room to roam. However, even a trip to the store is good for those social developments.
  • Give them a place of their own- Clearly, they think everything is theirs, but why not give them a place to expel that incredulous amount of energy? We know two year olds love exploring, and their imagination is starting to take flight. A pop up play tent is absolutely perfect for this age to support both of those aspects.


At two years old your little ones’ attitudes… change. As moms we try to be prepared for everything, but that second year of life always gives us a bit of a shock. Don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal, and your children are simply learning social cues, and how their behavior influences you. 

Remember to try and lead by example, and take some comfort in knowing the chaos doesn’t last forever. Well, most of the chaos. 

When to Ask a Doctor 

During your play and interaction, you’ll get a clear idea of where your little ones stand in terms of development. There are a few things worth mentioning at the next checkup, should you notice any of the following among your children:

·      Not coming to you for affection/Comfort

·      Not understanding any words

·      Not combing at least two words

·      Lack of interest in pretend play

·      Not running

Remember, all babies develop at different speeds, but it’s always a good idea to check with your children’s doctor if you feel something is out of the ordinary.


There certainly are moments during this age where you will question your sanity, and you’ll bury your face during [yet another] tantrum, but it’s a truly incredible time. Your little ones are becoming their own persons (as much as they can anyway,) and you get to help guide them along the way. You may find that those terrible twos are actually terribly fun.

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