2 Week Old Baby Development at a Glance

Raising a child is a wonderful experience and there is a lot to prepare for with your growing baby. While it can be overwhelming, when you know what to expect, you can become better prepared for the work ahead of you.

Starting at as young as two weeks old, babies are developing. You can support their development with the following guidelines on what you need to know and do as an involved parent. Of course, you should always consult with your physician for any questions or concerns pertaining to your specific situation.

What Your Babies are Doing at Two Weeks Old

According to March of Dimes, a child research and advocacy initiative, “no two babies are alike” and “your baby will develop at their own pace.” For reference, however, here are some things you can anticipate at this age.

These guidelines are generally based on full term babies and may not coincide with child that were born premature, for instance. As for triplets, your doctor may use corrected age when evaluating the babies’ growth and development

For example, if the triplets are 9 weeks old but were born 7 weeks early, their adjusted age is 2 weeks old. Then you could compare the babies development to a 2 week old development.

Some things babies may be doing

  • checkBabies are generally reacting to loud noises.
  • checkThey are beginning to grip fingers placed in their hand.
  • checkBabies are focusing in on their caregiver’s face.

Consult with your doctor if

  • checkBabies are not making any sounds.
  • checkBabies are not feeding well.

What You Can Do with Your Babies

A healthy relationship nurtured by your attention will help the development of your two week old. Implementing these tips below will ensure your newborn’s growth.

Care for Them

  • Pay close attention to your baby’s cues. As babies are unable to speak, crying is their way of communicating with you. Their cries are usually telling you that they need your help!
  • Respond to your baby’s needs. Whether their cries are for food, sleep or a change in diaper, your job is to be sure that you are consistently caring for them.
  • Be mindful of cleanliness and safety wherever your baby interacts, even when they are sleeping.
  • In caring for baby, be sure to take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest, eat well and ask for help.

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Engage in Play

  • Sing songs, smile at your baby, hold hands and read stories. Babies need time to play in order to stimulate brain development and learn.
  • Bond with your two week old. By cuddling with them and making direct contact, you are building a trustworthy relationship.
  • Talk to your infant. Mimic their sounds and expressions. Language development starts early in hearing your voice and engaging in conversation. Communicating with your child will also help them remember your voice, which will teach them to recognize who you are as their parent.
  • Gentle massages support sensory development through touch. Use soft and warm touches with your hands to rub on baby’s arms, hands, legs and feet.

At as young as two weeks old, your child is constantly changing and growing. It is especially important to nurture that growth through interactions with your newborn. By communicating with them verbally and physically, meeting their essential needs and building strong bonds, your baby is sure to have a healthful start in their development.

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