Best Baby Food Maker

Before you know it your three beautiful babies will be ready to try something new. The introduction to solids is an exciting time for everyone, but you’re going to need something truly reliable if you’re planning on being a chef to triplets. Finding the best baby food maker is going to make mealtime, and your life, a whole lot easier.

The Best Baby Food Maker 

Should I Make My Babies’ Food?

The choice is certainly yours. However, it’s known that store bought baby food is likely to have additives that are less than desirable for your babies. Some of these include:

  • Corn syrup
  • Sugar
  • Unknown Preservatives
  • Potential genetically modified ingredients

What Benefits Come from Making My Babies’ Food?

Jarred food is certainly more convenient, but the benefits of making the food for your little ones are far greater. Although it may not seem like it, it sort of creates a bond between you and your babies. Not only will you feel good about providing them with their meals, but also you’ll gain all of the following:

  • Knowing exactly what ingredients are in the puree
  • The ability to choose organic
  • Vitamins and minerals that haven’t been destroyed from overheating
  • A cheaper alternative (especially when you have three mouths to feed)

“I don’t know how to make homemade baby food”

If you find yourself thinking this, don’t worry! It’s not nearly as tricky as one might think. Besides, we’re moms; there’s not much we can’t do. Most baby foods are simple to make, and take no time at all. You can also find tutorials on several sites, including Youtube.

For a little more insight on how to make your babies’ food, take a look here.

I’m Ready… Now What?

In order to make your baby food, enough for three of course, you’re going to need the right tool for the job. Finding the best baby food maker for you and your little ones is going to be the most crucial step in creating the perfect homemade baby food. After all, you’re going to be making quite a bit.

So, what is the best baby food maker? Well, let’s find out.

Top 4 Best Baby Food Makers

1. Hamilton Beach All-in-One Baby Food Maker

- Best Baby Food Maker 2017

This baby food maker includes everything you’ll need to create the perfect puree for your triplets. Steamer, processor, storage containers: it’s all there. This is definitely the best all in one baby food maker out there, and you won’t have to break the bank to get it.


  •  Steams, Chops, Slices, and Purees food!
  •  5 cup bowl
  •  3 cup steam basket
  •  BPA free
  •  Double blade
  •  2 stackable caddies for storage containers
  •  Feeding Guide/Recipes included
  •  10 containers
  •  dishwasher safe
  •  Auto Shut off
  •  Shock-resistant

A favorite aspect among parents is the elimination of meal prep time. With this baby food maker, there’s no need to use a separate appliance for each step of preparing your little ones’ food. Anything that saves time is welcomed when you have three little mouths to feed.


  • Compact design
  • Included food containers
  • Grows with baby- can make textured finger food
  • Compact design
  • 3 appliances in one
  • Recipes for baby


  • 5 cup bowl is slightly small for amount of food for triplets
Hamilton Beach All-in-One Baby Food Maker

2. Beaba Babycook Pro Best Steamer and Blender

This amazing baby food maker is a closer runner up to the Hamilton. It may not provide the storage containers, but it certainly makes up for that. Its sleek design will look great in any kitchen, and it will work wonders for your food-making journey.


  •  Makes puree in 15 min or less
  •  One hand operable (we can appreciate this)
  •  Stainless steel water reservoir
  •  4.5 cup bowl
  •  4 in 1: steams, purees, reheats, and defrosts
  •  Auto shut off and notification when done
  •  Makes more than 17 servings at once

This processor is ideal for parents with a busy lifestyle, which basically sums up any parent of triplets. The sleek appearance, ease of operation, and smooth blending easily makes this a contender for best baby food maker.


  • Adorable color options
  • Compact design
  •  BPA, phthalate, and lead free
  • 2 appliances in 1
  • Menu booklet included
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Water reservoir may become scaly if not properly cleaned
  • Doesn’t blend small amount well
  • Not so much a concern when making food for three
Beaba Babycook Pro

3. Cuisinart BFM 1000

- Best Baby Food Maker Reviews

We love to hear first hand experience of something worth buying. This choice has some great reviews online, and it’s quite popular. What makes it unique is that it’s also a bottle warmer!


  •  Steams, chops, and warms bottles
  •  4 cup work bowl
  •  Powerful motor for quick chopping
  •   Recipe book included
  •  Includes bottle adapter ring
  •   18 months warranty
  •  Blade lock system
  •  BPA free
  •  Compact design

We did notice that the majority of bad reviews were based on the products tendency to stop working after several months of use. However, this seems easily fixable because you do have that awesome warranty. Most, however, really enjoy the product.


  • Compact for easy storing
  • 3 appliances in 1
  • Warranty
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Helpful instructions/recipes
  • Built in measuring cup


  • May not make very large batches at once
  • Steaming can take a little while
  • Doesn’t include basket to hold food when steamed
Cuisinart BFM 1000

4. Munchkin Go Mash Food Mashing Set

Best Manual Baby Food Maker

Life with triplets can get busy, and you may find yourself with no time to prepare a great deal of baby food. With this manual masher, you can do so in no time. It’s a perfect option for moms on the go!


  •  BPA free
  •  Compact
  •  Suction base for no-slip mashing
  •  Base doubles as lid
  •  Top rack dishwasher safe

Parents have nothing but good things to say about this product! It’s the perfect baby food maker for moms who travel, or moms who simply need a quick solution for their hungry babies.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Doubles as a bowl
  • BPA free
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Can mash up soft foods outside of the home


  • 100% manual
  • Hard fruits or veggies need to be steamed first
Munchkin Go Mash Food Mashing Set


Making homemade baby food for three babies may seem a little overwhelming. However, finding the best baby food maker is going to drastically change that. You can create safe, delicious foods for your little ones right in the comfort of your own home.

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