Conquering Bath Time with Triplets

Life with three babies can get a bit messy, and it’s clear why bath time quickly becomes an important part of your weekly routine. It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed when you have to bathe triplets, but there are ways to ensure it’s not always a struggle.

Getting Started

When your little ones are just newborns, you’ll likely bathe them in a seat, or sink. They aren’t quite ready for the family tub in the early stages. At first, sponge baths are actually recommended for newborns, which can make bathing triplets much easier.

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Your little ones will be cleaned this way until the umbilical cord falls off, then they can use an infant tub. You will have to wash them individually in the beginning of their life, but they’ll soon be ready to share a bath.

When your babies can sit up well on their own, typically around 6 months, you’re ready to introduce the big tub. You will bathe your little ones the same way as when they were bathed individually, but be sure to take some precautions during bath time, as the large tub poses some risks for young children.

How Often do I Bathe my Babies?

The frequency of bath time will depend upon your preference, but most pediatricians recommend a bath every two to three days. Daily baths are acceptable, but be sure lather in a nice lotion as daily baths may dry out your babies’ skin.

How Can I Wash All Three at the Same Time?

You can certainly wash your triplets together. They may use the same bath water, as long as none of them have any contagious rashes at the time, but they should always have their own washcloths.

There are options to keep your little ones seated securely while you tend to one child. One mother actually used foam boards as dividers. Cut three inches in height from the foam board, and make sure it fits the width of the bathtub. Snugly secure it at the base of the bath to keep your little ones from roaming around. It also works as a measuring tool for filling up the tub, as three inches is ideal.

Another great alternative is to use suction seats. If you can, fit two suction seats into the tub so that two of your little ones can sit securely while you wash the third baby.

Of course, never underestimate the power of a helping hand! Have your partner help with bath time until you feel confident bathing your babies alone.

Step by Step Guide to Bathing A Baby/ Triplets

1. Gather everything you need for the bath, and make sure it is in reaching distance of the tub.

2. If bathing all three babies simultaneously, this is a good time to set up any bath seats you will be using. (This keeps two babies secure while you wash the third.)

3. Fill the tub with two-three inches of water. The water temperature should be tested on the inside of your wrist.

4. Once filled, place your baby [babies] into the tub. Do so slowly, and always begin with feet first, keeping a sturdy hand on your child.

5. Pour water over your little ones, avoiding the face. You can do this throughout the bath as well to ensure baby stays warm.

6. Use a small amount of preferred wash for your baby, and clean your little one’s body using a washcloth. Start from the top and work your way to the bottom to ensure you get the dirtiest areas after washing the face. 

7. Once you’ve finished washing and rinsing your little one. You, or your partner can prepare the hooded towel. Make sure to wrap your little ones nice and snug so that they don’t get too cold when leaving the warmth of the bathroom.

8. Finally, apply a small dab of lotion to keep the babies’ skin hydrated, and get your little ones dressed. Once you’ve finished with this, you’re finished!

Here is an incredibly helpful video showing the right technique and method of cleaning your little one. It’s perfect for newborns, but the rules will apply even as your little ones grow.

Once you’ve found your own routine for conquering bath time with triplets, you might find that bath time isn’t so scary. It might even become joyous for everyone.

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