Triplet Pregnancy Bed Rest- 5 Surviving Tips

Every pregnancy is different and in some cases, you may have special restrictions. Bed rest, for instance, may be needed for women with complications or with multiples. With a triplet pregnancy bed rest, not only are you hard at work carrying three little ones, but bed rest can be boring! Luckily, there are some key survival tips you can use to help you get the most out of your rest period.


What is Bed Rest?

Bed rest is a prescribed amount of time for a patient to rest, eat well and stay away from physical activity that may interrupt your body’s healing process. For women with multiples on the way (such as triplets), they are often placed on bed rest in preparation of the birth.

Concerns with Bed Rest

With longer periods of bed rest, a tired and fatigued body may be limited on options for passing the time. This can lead to some unexpected effects, such as feelings of loneliness and sadness. 

In fact, according to the Nursing Times, in the case of an extended period of bed rest, “a person’s lack of control over their environment has long been linked to increased levels of stress” as well as depression. Thankfully, there are ways to combat the bed rest blues. 

5 Triplet Pregnancy Bed Rest Surviving Tips

Here are five ways to make bed resting with triplets a positive experience:

1. Pamper Yourself

With consent from your doctor, see what types of accommodations can be made to enhance your beauty and feel good about yourself. Can you have your nails painted? How about some hair brushing from a loved one? 

2. Relax the Body

Try a gentle heating pack to relax the muscles on your back and/or around your neck and add comfort to your bed rest. If you can have someone massage parts of your body, that can also help diminish stress levels.

 3. Focus on the Positive

Triplet pregnancy bed rest is for the health of you and your babies. Bed rest can help preserve that energy you need for the work you’ve got ahead of you, so stay positive! Create a vision board of the things you want or do some adult coloring books

4. Gather with Friends & Family

Sharing laughs and making memories with loved ones is a great way to release any tension that may come with your triplet pregnancy bed rest. Whether you’re at home or at the hospital, you may be able to watch a movie together or even have a bed side brunch or dinner for added comfort.

 5. Document Your Experience

Being on bed rest with multiples is quite the experience! Why not document your journey through a journal, audio recording or video camera? Capturing your story is a great way to pass the time and let out what you’re feeling mentally and physically.

Triplet pregnancy bed rest can be draining and it’s perfectly normal to feel bogged down by the process. But know that you are not alone and you can make your time enjoyable with these survival tips. Your body will thank you for it and so will those beautiful babies you have on the way!

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