Preparing Your Home for Triplets

With triplets you need organization and routine to be able to cope. Planning is essential before the triplets arrive. Here are 10 ideas that will let you have some spare time after.  


Find Support

Find out what help is available from local council, in-home care, service groups, neighbourhood centres, local colleges with childcare courses, friends, family members, church and neighbours. Make a list of the times and the type of help available to you.


Washing Review

You will need to do washing more often mostly everyday, so need to review your washing machine and dryer facilities. If you are not living in the hot sunny climate where you have sun all day, a dryer is essential


Minimise Housework

Minimise housework by wearing clothes that can be machine wash, put in the dryer, and don’t need ironing.  Putting away items or object that are delicate or breakable and need regularly polishing or dusting.


Review your family car

A larger car may become a necessity, or check with authorize dealer who will install you child restraint if there is any models will fit 3 in your back seats. If you have other children, station wagons or vans are recommended.


Safety in Home

Make sure your backyard and home are safe for your older children. Fencing is secure especially if you have a swimming pool.


Meal Plan

Plan set menus for a few weeks and write a shopping list. Prepare and freeze several meals for use after you discharge from hospital, so you have free time to settle down with the triplets.  Ask if your partner can cook so the task can be shared.


Room Rearrange

Thinking of how you will arrange the babies and other children’s bed room.  Will you separate them or sleep together? Do you have to reorganize rooms? Where will you keep the babies’ equipment?.


Nappy Arrangement

If you are not using a packet of disposable nappies, you might pay for a nappy service, or buy a clothes nappies where you can reuse them. This need to be arranged before the babies are home. A gift suggestion could be for family or friends to play for a nappy service or to buy nappies for you. 


New or Second-Hand

Triplet strollers can be expensive. Thinking if you want to buy new oe second-had or even hiring. Ask your local support if they offer hiring service.


Experience is helpful

Talk to other parents of triplets about their experiences caring for triplets, consider their situations and way of coping they recommend and discuss this with your partner. Review your family budget, additional expense, initial needs and priorities. 

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