Best Postpartum Belly Wrap

Growing three babies takes quite a toll on the body. The belly stretches more than we thought was humanly possible, but you’re also left with back pain and a challenging recovery. Thankfully, there’s a product out there to help with all of it: a belly band. Finding the best postpartum belly wrap can give you the comfort you want, while giving you the relief you need.

Why You Should Invest in a Postpartum Belly Band

Clearly most women invest in a postpartum band to diminish the undesired “mum tum.” With a mom of triplets, however, a band isn’t going to eliminate it. It can help shape your waist though, and give you the confidence you may be lacking in those early months.

More importantly, the right belly band can give you support during recovery. They help strengthen the stomach, while taking pressure off of the back.

Internal Organs

As you’re probably aware, your organs shift all over the place during pregnancy. However, you may not have considered what happens to them after. The expanding uterus will slowly shrink back down, and as it does so, your organs will snuggle back into their permanent resting place.

The first couple of months postpartum are responsible for this return to physical “normalcy.” Using the best postpartum belly wrap can help speed this process along, while also providing controlled comfort.

Back Support

If you thought your back pain was tough during pregnancy, get ready. Your body will need to readjust and find balance, and this can take a toll on your back. Coping with newfound exhaustion, breastfeeding, and leaning over to care for your little ones can affect your posture greatly.

You’ll also likely be [constantly] caring at least one baby around, which can put a great deal of strain on the lower back. A well crafted belly band can provide much-needed relief, so you don’t have to feel like you’re going to snap like a toothpick every five minutes.

Other options for back support

Postpartum back pain can be unbearable, and could potentially lead to long-term issues. Finding the best postpartum belly band can help remedy the issue, but there are other measures you can take to better resolve your back pain.

Physiotherapy- Postnatal physical therapy is a great idea for all women, but it should truly be a must for mothers of triplets. This physiotherapy is going to focus on exercises and stretches for the muscles weakened during pregnancy and delivery.

Take a look at some of the postnatal exercises physiotherapy offers.

The Belly

There’s no shame in admitting you’re far from being in love with your postpartum belly. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all looked forward to the day we stop looking 4 months pregnant. The mom belly can be a true struggle, but finding the best belly band post pregnancy is going to give you some welcomed confidence during the following months.

5 Best Postpartum Belly Wraps

1. TiRain 3 in 1 Postpartum Recovery Belt - Best Multi-Purpose Girdle

You’ll want to take a look at this if you’re in need of true support. Rather than focusing solely on the post-pregnancy belly, this girdle aims to relieve physical stress. It’s a great option for relieving back and pelvic pain, while also cinching in the waist.


  •  Fish bone design
  •  Stomach belt
  •  Waist belt
  •  Pelvis belt
  •  Velcro closures
  •  Elastic material


  • Provides support for tummy, back, and pelvis
  • Neutral color is harder to notice under clothing
  • Adjustable closures
  • Breathable material
  • Pieces can be worn together, or separate
  • Claims to not roll up
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some claim it does indeed roll up
  • Can be challenging to put on
  • Not flattering under clothes. Can be seen. May also cause some unwanted bulges.

 It definitely takes an extra moment to put on compared to other options, but it appears to be worth it! It’s normal for the core to lose some strength after pregnancy. However, with a postpartum belly wrap like this one, you’ll get your groove back in no time.

TiRain 3 in 1 Postpartum Recovery Belt

2. Caipudan Waist Trainer- Best Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap

Belly bands have become a beloved phenomenon for those postpartum challenges, and this option could arguably be the best postpartum belly band out there. This double layered band is simple to use, but incredibly effective.


  •  Double layered band
  •  Black in color (other available options)
  •  Wide and narrow fixed belts
  •  Double elastic
  •  Velcro straps
  •  5 medical elastic strips on back for support


  • Comfortable material
  • Provides great support for lower back
  • Great price
  • Adjustable belt
  • Doesn’t roll up!
  • Promotes good posture


  • May be visible/bulky under clothing

 Those who have tried this wrap have only incredible things to say about it, making it a contender for the best postpartum belly wrap. You can get the desired support you’re looking for at a truly affordable price, which is simply too good to pass up.

Caipudan Waist Trainer

3. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Romper

A common complaint of postpartum girdles is their tendency to slide down or create unflattering bulges. This one eliminates the issue with its romper-like style. If you’re looking for postpartum support that resembles true shapewear, this is it.


  •  Hook and eye closure
  •  Non-binding legs
  •  Plush, wide shoulder straps
  •  Available in beige or black
  •  Firm control level


  • Hook and eye closure makes restroom visits easy
  • Made of soft material
  • Great option for under dresses
  • Helps eliminate pesky back rolls
  • Comfortable to wear, doesn’t push into skin
  • Smooths entire upper torso


  • Moves around on the butt (unwanted ride ups!)
  • Causes obvious panty lines for some. Not an issue if you’re hoping to wear it during those “lounge pant” recovery days.

 The flaws of this shapewear are slim (no pun intended.) If you need to smooth out a bit more than your tummy, this is an awesome option.

Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Romper

4. Squeem Perfect Waist Contouring Cincher

You’ll certainly feel like your waist is taking shape in this postpartum belly wrap. This corset-styled band aims to reduce inches off the waist, and it’s undoubtedly going to assist the transformation of your postpartum belly.


  •  Corset style band
  •  Double row hook and eye closure
  •  Available in black and beige
  •  Triple filtered cotton lining for comfort
  •  Additional boning for added support


  • Provides excellent back support
  • Hook closure allows you to truly cinch waist
  • Helps strengthen tummy muscles
  • Provides relief to sore muscles from pregnancy!
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Visible under snug clothing
  • Might cause some bulging in particular areas. Back bra area.

 Corsets have always been a love-hate relationship, but this one is mostly love. It’s the perfect addition to your postpartum wardrobe, so you can feel, and look, amazing as you care for your little loves.

Squeem Perfect Waist Contouring Cincher

5. Paz Wean Post Belly Band

The Paz Wean Post Belly Band continues to gain popularity, and it’s certainly easy to see why it could be considered one of the best postpartum girdles on the market. The three different sized straps allow you to cinch different areas, conforming to the true needs of your shape.


  •  Available in pink or white
  •  Stretchy elastic
  •  NOT standard American sizes (make sure to follow chart)
  •  Built-in boning
  •  Lightweight cotton
  •  Adjustable closures


  • Affordable Price
  • Ability to adjust firmness in different areas of the stomach
  • Doesn’t ride up
  • Great control. Firm, and supportive of the back.
  • Medical grade fabric won’t irritate. Great for c-section incisions!


  • Velcro can be loud when adjusting
  • Visible under clothing

 This postpartum belly wrap truly aims to help those who’ve undergone c-sections. Unfortunately it doesn’t come in dark colors, so it may be visible under dark clothing. Don’t let that stop you from giving it a try though because plenty of moms rave about it!

Paz Wean Post Belly Band

You’ve Got This

The struggle of dealing with the mom pooch is challenging, and it’s even more so for moms of triplets. There is no miracle product to reverse the changes caused by growing three babies, but using the best postpartum belly wrap can certainly help you feel like the rockstar you already are.

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