13 Cute Halloween Costumes For Triplets

It’s almost that time of year again! What time you ask?

Time to start thinking about Halloween costumes for triplets!

Over the years you may have learned that great Halloween costume ideas for triplets require some preparation, and that preparation is better done sooner than later.

With triplets (or multiples) matching costumes is one of those special perks you get as a parent of multiples (at least while they are young enough to let you dress them up!)

There are infinite adorable ideas out there. It can be difficult to even begin to comb through them all! One way to get started thinking about what to pick is to think about your movie, book, or pop culture interests.

For example, Pixar movies, comic books, music, etc. Also, these ideas would work just as well for siblings or twins!

Another consideration is the weather in your area for Halloween. Or, will you be inside at a party?

Different costumes might be preferable depending if your kids will be walking around, playing, or hanging out at a friend or family’s house.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite cute Halloween costumes for triplets!

1. Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Triplet Costumes

Who doesn’t love the hundred acre wood? Winnie the Pooh costumes are pretty easy to come by and you could even dress up yourself! Here you can find costumes for Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet. For matching adult costumes, here are Kanga, Owl, and Rabbit.

2. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Halloween costume for triplets

If you’re keen to dress up with your triplets, goldilocks and the three bears is a cute choice for halloween costumes for triplets boys or girls! Plus, you can find very warm bear costumes which is great if you live somewhere that is chilly in October.

If your triplets have a sister, she can be goldilocks as well.

3. Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, & Thing 2

Halloween costumes for triplets

This can easily be cheap & cool Halloween costumes for triplets. If your kids have some red and black onesies or leggings lying around, all you need is two blue wigs and a striped hat.

You can find here links to Dr. Seuss Thing 1, Thing 2 Onesie, and Cat in the Hat costume.

4. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, (and Ron Weasley)

For all you Harry Potter fans out there, if one of your triplets is a girl, this can be one of the cutest Halloween costume ideas for triplets. Plus, it can be pretty easy to make with some black fabric, a few Gryffindor scarves, and glasses for Harry.

For older kids, you could add on a wand for fun.

You can find child’s costume robe here.

5. Chickens

For funny halloween costumes for triplets, this costume idea is sure to make everyone smile (hopefully more than the unhappy campers in the photo!)

Plus, if you have a big cardboard box lying around, you can transform your stroller into a fun chicken coop. You can find an adorable chicken costume here.

6. The Three Little Pigs

This is another one of those funny Halloween costume for triplets that works well with a stroller or wagon like in the picture.

You can find a pig costume here and if you are feeling adventurous you could be the big bad wolf just for kicks!

7. The Wizard of Oz

There are definitely enough characters in the Wizard of Oz for a family of five or more to dress up together for Halloween.

It’s a great idea for big kids or a toddler sibling halloween costume and you can find or make costumes for any age from baby to adult.

8. Mickey Mouse and the Gang

How cute is this? For Disney lovers, this is one of the cutest Halloween costume ideas for triplets or siblings.

Just add Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto (dress up your pet, perhaps?)

This can also be a great idea for cheap & cool Halloween costumes for triplets, since you could easily DIY the accessories and use clothing your children might already have in their closets.

There are also pretty inexpensive accessories available for purchase.

9. Peter Pan, Wendy, (and TInkerbell, Captain Hook, the Lost Boys, the list goes on!)

Another set of fun Disney-themed Halloween costumes for triplets or sibling Halloween costumes is Peter Pan.

There are a ton of characters, especially for Halloween costumes for triplets boys. If you have multiple boys in the family they can be the lost boys (even for stubborn boys who don’t like to dress up… What boy doesn’t love to carry around a pretend sword?)

Mom and Dad can be Wendy and Peter Pan, or Captain Hook and the alligator, and there’s also Nana the dog to consider as well.

For two boys, a creative twist could be Peter Pan and Peter Pan’s shadow. Many possibilities and all of them adorable!

10. Band of Monsters (Roar!)

This Halloween costume idea is too cute. Plus, the materials are so simple for these funny Halloween costumes for triplets, siblings, or even a group of friends!

All you need is some funky patterned pajamas and a monster hood. You could even make them scary Halloween costumes for triplets with darker colors and maybe some face paint.

11. Superheroes (or Villains)

These are fun Halloween costume ideas for triplets because they can be pretty versatile and there are a ton of superheroes to choose from, both female and male.

There are even packs of capes and masks you can buy to make it super easy.

If your kids prefer scary costumes, you could make this into scary Halloween costumes for triplets by dressing them as villains instead or a mixture of both.

12. The Addams Family

For a darker spin on family or triplets Halloween costumes, you could try this idea for scary Halloween costumes for triplets as the Addams family.

In the photo they have only two children, but another fun character to dress up as for your triplets from this show is Cousin It, and all you need is a long-haired wig! (Although it will be pretty hard to eat candy with all that hair in their face!)

For mom and dad’s costumes, lots of black is the key and you might have some black clothing you can use in your closet already.

13. Family of Ghosts (Last Minute Friendly!)

If you need a costume in a crunch for the whole family, try out this ghost Halloween costume idea for triplets or siblings.

It is so easy even your kids can put it together. Plus, there is something pretty spooky about it if you are looking for scary Halloween costumes for triplets.

Or, you could make it funny with some silly accessories like hats, scarves, or headbands.

Either way, it’s definitely one of the best for cheap & cool Halloween costumes for triplets, and it would take you literally five minutes to put together!

That’s a wrap for our 13 cute Halloween costumes for triplets (or siblings). What do you think? Have you dressed up your triplets in coordinating costumes before? Let us know in the comments!

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