Top Baby Names for Triplets

Naming your baby can be one of the hardest things in the world to do. And now you have to name three? If you are looking for inspiration, let’s check out some of the top baby names for triplets.

It has been the year of old fashioned names for both girls and boys. Names that originated in the 1800s and early 1900s are popping up in the top 100 for this year, and many of them are even in the top 10! If you are looking for names for your triplets, you just can’t go wrong with classics like these.

You can easily find some inspiration from these lists, and then build upon the names for your own three babies. Here are some fun ideas:

If you like popular, feminine, and classic names

Consider Isabella, Amelia, and Olivia. All three names flow together well, and have a very old fashioned, yet modern feel. Isabella means “devoted to God,” while Amelia means “industrious.” Round the trio out with Olivia, which is a Greek name meaning “olive tree” or “olive branch.” You can’t go wrong with such classic names, but don’t be surprised when there are multiple kids with these names on the playground each day!

If you like popular, masculine, and classic names

If you are looking for classic yet modern sounding popular boys names for your triplets, Alexander, Benjamin, and James just might fit the bill. Don’t worry if it sounds like a mouthful, since each name can be shortened to the cute nicknames of Alex, Ben, and Jimmy.

These strong names also have strong meanings to go along with them. Alexander means “protector of men,”  while Benjamin means “son.” James is a solid addition with the Hebrew meaning of “supplanter.” These exceptional names would work well for a trio of brothers, and by giving them strong names they are sure to have a great start in life!

If you like popular, modern names

Having two girls and a boy? You might want to consider Paisley, Scarlett, and Levi. These more modern names have recently made it into the top names of the year, so you may find them slightly less popular depending on where you live. Paisley means “church,” while Scarlett, of course, means red! Levi means “joined or attached” which is a very apt name for a triplet boy with two sisters!

If you like popular, unique names

It may seem tough to find names that are both popular right now but also unique. However, if you look down the list of baby names it is possible. Having two boys and a girl? Maybe consider Zane, Kai, and Jade. Zane means “gift from God,” while Kai means “strong or unbreakable.” Jade is derived from the beautiful green gemstone. These three would certainly be a unique package, but the names are also popular enough that everyone will be able to pronounce them.

Overall, naming your baby can be a really fun experience for both parents. However, when you have to name three babies, it can be overwhelming! Try to spend the first few months keeping a running list of names that you both like, then slowly narrow it down as the time gets nearer. In the end, as long as you pick names that you love, you have chosen the right names for your babies!

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