Popular Names for Triplets

We’ve all heard the expression “what’s in a name?” Well, as any pregnant woman will tell you: a whole lot. Naming a child is not an easy task. After all, that name is going to represent your child well into adulthood, and you want it to be a name he or she can truly be proud of.

Your choice of names may have taken quite a turn when you found out you’re expecting triplets! As if naming one baby wasn’t a challenge enough, you now have to choose three extraordinary names. There’s no need to stress, however, because we’re here to help you on your journey of finding three sensational names for your triplets.

Where to Find Inspiration

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when it comes to choosing names for your little ones, but you’re surrounded with inspiration every day! Take a look at some of the incredible ways you can find inspiration in your own life.


Whether you consider yourself to be a modern-day hippy, or you simply love the beauty of the natural world, you can find some incredible nature-inspired names for all three of your little ones.


The family you’ve had for years can be the inspiration to the one you’re about to create. Naming your children after family members is a wonderful way to honor those you love. Your children will grow up with a sense of pride knowing that they’re named after someone held dear to your heart.

Pop Culture

Every now and then pop culture actually gives us something worth considering. Draw inspiration from your favorite comic character, singer, or actor.


Religion can be a strong presence in the life of many, so it’s no surprise many parents choose to honor their faith by giving their children spiritual names.


The possibilities are endless. You can honor your favorite person in history, or simply choose names that belonged to people worth remembering.

From the moment you wake up until the moment you [attempt] to sleep, you’re surrounded with influence. Once you’ve realized this you’re going to feel nothing but excitement because you’re one step closer to naming your three beloved children.

Whether you realize it or not, names can have a great affect on your little ones. For some insight into the importance of choosing a name, and even a few tips, take a look at this site.

It’s even been proven that a name has a direct affect on your little one’s self esteem, and success in the future! Take a look here to see how something so small can actually have great significance.

Tips and Things to Avoid When Naming Triplets

There are some things you should take into consideration before choosing your little ones’ names. You certainly don’t want to end up regretting your children’s names, and it wouldn’t hurt if they liked them too.

Check the Initials

You may fall in love with a name right away, but be sure to spell out the initials.

Avoid names that create embarrassing initials when combined with your last name.

Since you’re blessed with three, the same thing can happen with the first letter of your babies’ names. Do their initials spell out something that could be mocked? Paige, Mckenzie, and Sarah sound cute enough, right? That is until you realize their initials spell out PMS. It’s all in the details!

(Let’s be honest; Kids can be mean. Make it a little easier on your growing babies.)

Don’t get carried away

Sometimes parents like to take an ordinary name and make it unique by spelling it differently. If you’re planning on doing this, keep things simple. Three names with unusual spelling may seem like you were trying too hard. You certainly can make names unique with a different spelling, but you want to at least recognize it is in fact a name.

Consider nicknames

It’s likely your children will eventually have nicknames, especially if their names are particularly long. Think about the nicknames that may be used surrounding a particular name. Your babies’ names may also be shortened to something you dislike, so take that into account as well.

For an in depth look at how nicknames, good or bad, can affect your little one, consider taking a peek at this revealing article.

Try using it in various settings

Remember, your little ones will one day be adults out in the world. Try practicing the name in a variety of professional settings and adult situations to make sure it’s something that can be respected and appreciated in adulthood.

You can also begin saying the names during pregnancy to see if they feel “right.” Practice calling your little ones to dinner, or even practice your stern parenting voice to really get a feel for them.

Consider keeping them a secret

There’s no shame in keeping your name choices to yourself until your little ones are born. It’s a great way to avoid some unwarranted opinions from family, friends, and even strangers.

There is No Rush

There’s so much pressure to know your children’s names before they arrive, but it’s not always so simple. Sometimes we can search the entire Internet and every name book, and still feel like we haven’t found the right ones.

The truth is there is no rule saying you need to know before your little ones arrive. Sometimes a mother doesn’t truly know the name for her child until she sees him or her face to face. So don’t worry if you haven’t eliminated the perfect three; you have time.

Trust your heart

The most important tip we can give you is to follow your heart when it comes to choosing names for your triplets. Don’t let anyone discourage you from using the names you fall in love with. If they hold a special place in your heart, then they’re the perfect choice for your three beautiful babies.

Hopefully you’re now excited to find the perfect names for your triplets, or at least a little less overwhelmed. If you’re still finding that you’re having trouble figuring out where to start when it comes to choosing those names, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve assembled a variety of lists of some incredible names that are sure to give you inspiration, and we’ve even included their meanings so you’ll know if it’s the perfect option for your babies.

Perfect Name Combos for Triplets

Inspired by nature

Why not choose a name that represents all the beauty of the natural world? They’re not overly used, and they’re incredibly cute.

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girlsAster ( Star)Ember ( Spark, burning low)Autumn ( Fall season)
 Summer (summer season)Fleur ( flower)Blossom (to bloom)
 Ivy (means Ivy; botanical)Dahlia (from the valley)Sage (wise one)
3 boysRiver ( derived from river)Rowan ( red: type of ash tree)Reed ( refers to a reed in nature)
 Canyon (footpath)Blaze ( one who stutters)Forde (shallow place used to cross river)
 Heath (From the heath)Sterling (of the highest quality)Jasper (bringer of treasure)
2 girls & 1 boys Jade ( Stone of the side)Raine (Queen)Wren  ( English bird)
 Dawn (daybreak)Sky (reference to the sky)Forrest (reference to the forest)
 Calla (beautiful)Willow (willow tree)Oakley (oak wood or clearing)

1 girl & 2 boys

Daisy (flower)Colt ( young male horse)Linden (The linden tree)
 Tansy (immortality)Clay (from Clayton, meaning place with good clay)Berkeley (where birches grow)
 Holly (from the Holly plant)Bay (auburn haired)Byram (from the cattle yard)


Southern/Rustic Inspired Names

There’s just something about Southern names. They’re alluring, tough, but also sweet: the perfect combination for your triplets.

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girlsGeorgia (Farmer)Scarlett ( red)Laney ( bright shining one)
 Caroline (free man)Harper (harp player)Virginia (pure)
 Lakynn (n/a)Odelle (Harmonious)Loretta (pure)
3 boysDeacon (messenger, servant)Mason (worker in stone)Jackson (God has been gracious)
 Wade  (advancer)Cash (wealthy man)

Duke (noble title)

 Carter (transporter of goods)Archie (trule brave)Dixon (Son of Dick)
2 girls & 1 boysRosalie (Latin derived, meaning “Rose”)Riley ( Valiant)Rhett (m) (Advice)
 Magnolia (flower name)Maybelle  (lovable)

Memphis (enduring and beautiful)

 Clarabelle (bright;famous)Saralyn (princess)Austin (magic dignity)

1 girl & 2 boys

Charlotte (feminine and petite)Wyatt (Guide)Beau (Handsome)
 Savannah  (treeless plain)Dallas (meadow)

Arlo  (army hill)

 Lena (temptress)Sawyer (cuts timber)Tucker (fabric pleater)

Most Popular Names of All Time

If you’re a fan of using popular names, or you’re trying to avoid them, here are a few of the most popular names for this year so far!

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girlsAurora (Dawn)Amelia ( industrious, striving)Ava (Iniquity)
 Sadie (princess)Madison (son of Maud)Rose (flower)
  Aria (song or melody)Penelope (weaver)Isabella (pledged to God)
3 boysLiam (helmet of will)Logan (Hollow)Lucas (bright, shining)
 Sebastian (person from ancient city of Sebasta)Benjamin (son of the right hand)

Grayson (son of the bailif)

 Jack (God is gracious)Ezra (help)Felix (happy, fortunate)
2 girls & 1 boysEleanor (the bright one)Emma ( Universal, whole)Elijah (God the lord)
 Amara (grace or bitter)Ophelia (help)

Kai (sea)

 Layla (night)Zoe (life) 

Caleb (devotion to God)

1 girl & 2 boys

Cora (Maiden)Oliver (Olive Tree)Asher ( fortunate, blessed, happy one)
 Adeline (nobility)Ethan (strong, firm)

Julian (youthful, downy)

 Esme (esteemed; beloved)Gideon (hewer)

Jayden (God has heard)

Names Inspired by Mythology

Warriors, goddesses, and drama: what’s not to love? These names are the epitome of strength, and they’re simply lovely.

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girlsSelene (moon, brightness)Daphne (Laurel tree, Bay tree)Cassandra (prophetess)
 Delia (born on the island of Delos)Isolde (ice ruler)Cerelia (relating to Springtime)
   Enid (life;spirit)Lorelei (temptress)

Maia (mother)

3 boysGriffin (strong lord)Osiris (with strong eyesight)Ares (ruin, bane)
 Evander (bow warrior; strong man)Perseus (n/a)

Apollo (to destroy)

 Kreios (master;male sheep)Leander (lion man)

Hermes (the messenger of God)

2 girls & 1 boysAthena (goddess of wisdom, praise)Iris (Rainbow)Damon (Constant, loyal, subdue)
 Pheobe (radiant; shining one)Thalia (to flourish)

Castor (pious one)

 Persephone (to destroy)Helen (bright, shining light)

Lycus (friend of Hercules)

1 girl & 2 boys

Rhea (mother of the Greek god)Troy (foot soldier)

Linus (flax)

 Lucina (Graceful light)Jason (he that cures)

Eros (n/a)

 Lilith (night monster)Atlas (a titan)

Hector (Tenacious)

Celebrity Baby Names Worth Considering

So you may want to avoid baby names inspired by fruit… but there are some baby celebrity names worth gushing over.

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girls Mabel (lovable)Ines (pure, virginal) 

Kirra (Brilliant lady of light)

 Cleo (illustrious)Florence (flowering)

Vivienne (lively)

   Liv (life)Remi (from the raven farm)

Holland (ridgeland)

3 boysRemington (place on a riverbank)Lincoln (town by the pool)Pheonix (dark red)
 Revel (nickname for rebel)Conor (strong willed or wise)

Thomas (twin)

 Jude (the praised one)Lenon (lover)

Sailor (n/a)

2 girls & 1 boysHazel (the hazelnut tree)Sienna (delicate)Camden ( From the winding valley)
 Alexis (defender of man)Leia (meadow)

Ronan (Oath)

 Amalia (work)Ensley (One’s own meadow)

Bennett (blessed) 

1 girl & 2 boys

Payton (regal/ noble)Milo (soldier or merciful)

Otis ( wealthy)

 Haley  (ingenious)Shane (gift from God)

Gunner (battle strong)

 Maya (daughter of atlas)Kingston (from the King’s village)

Hayden (From the hedged in valley)

Popular Christian Names

Biblical names have long been popular, and for good reason. Many of them are beautiful, and strong. They’re also a great way to represent your love for your faith through your children.

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girls Hannah (grace)Victoria (victory)

Elizabeth (pledged to god)

 Rebecca (captivating)Priscilla (Ancient)

Lydia (From Lydia)

  Candace (who possesses contrition)Eve (living)

Lois (Holy)

3 boysAaron (exalted; enlightened)Abel (breath)

Adam (son of the red earth)

 Amos (loading; weighty)Michael (poor; humble)

Dan (he that judges)

 Jeremiah (exaltation of the Lord)Paul (small; little)

Samuel (Heard of God)

2 girls & 1 boys Faith ( confidence, trust, belief)Miriam (wished-for child)Gabriel (God is my strength)
 Esther (star)Tabitha (Gazelle)

Joel (he that wills or commands)

 Susannah (lily)Judith (woman from Judea)

Abraham (Father of a multitude)

1 girl & 2 boys

 Chloe (young green shoot)Isaac (laughter)

Noah (rest, comfort)

 Ruth (companion)Silas (three; the third)

Micah (poor; humble)

  Rachel (lamb)Andrew (a strong man)

Jared (A ruling; commanding)

Popular Roman Catholic Names

Religion can be a popular force in anyone’s life, so it’s no surprise there are plenty of options for baby names. Honor your faith by choosing lovely names for your triplets.

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girlsSophia ( wisdom)Anna (grace)

Evelyn (wished-for child)

 Mary (wished-for child)Angela (Angel)

Frances (Free)

  Isidore (strong gift)Teresa (reap)

Daniel ( God is my judge)

3 boysElijah (Yahweh is God)Joseph (Jehovah increases)

Adam (son of the red earth)

 Raphael (God has healed)Zachary (Remembered by God)

Emmanuel (God with us)

 Simeon (sign)Jordan (Descended; river of judgment)

Vincent (conquering)

2 girls & 1 boys Leah (weary)Abigail (my father is joyful)Jacob (supplanter)
 Cecilia (Blind)Helena (light)

Marius (Hammer)

 Marina (of the sea)Tatiana (Saint’s name)

Lucian (illumination)

1 girl & 2 boys

 Naomi (pleasantness)David (beloved)

James (supplanter)

  Juliana (Name of a poem)Tobias (God is good)

Cassian (curly-headed)

  Bridget (strong)Cyril (lordly;proud)

Gregory (watchman)

Forgotten Names of the Past

It’s hard to say why names disappear, but they always come back! Here are some of the most common names used in the 1800s, but sadly not in today’s world. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to bring them back into style!

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girlsLuella (famous elf)Myrna (beloved, tender)

Johanna (God is gracious)

 Jean (Gift from God)Dollie (A vision)

Birdie (little bird)

  Louisa (Famous in war)Bernice (one who brings victory)

Allie (Harmony; stone; noble)

3 boysClarence (bright)Clayton (place with good clay)

Clive (lives near a high cliff)

 Charles (Manly)Frank (free)

Henry (rules the home)

  Edward (Guardian)Arthur (strong as a bear)

Louis ( Famous in war)

2 girls & 1 boys Evangeline (bearer of good news)Winifred (blessed peacemaking)Grover (lives near a grove of trees)
 Minnie (rebellion; bitter)Bessie (Oath of God)

Joe (May Jehovah give increase)

 Edna (fire)Ethel (noble)

Earl (chief)

1 girl & 2 boys

 Josephine (Jehovah increases)Norman (Norseman)

Walter ( army ruler)

  Carrie (From Charles, meaning manly)George (Farmer)

Ernest (Serious)

 Edith (Joyous)Wesley (Meadow)

Marshall (Horse servant)

Irish Baby Names

We have an entire holiday dedicated to the Irish, so how could you not consider using Irish names? Here’s just a few to consider:

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girlsKiara (dark)Mckenna (son of the handsome one)

Shayla (fairy palace)

 Erin (Peace)Mckayla (son of Kayla)

Colleen (Girl)

  Delaney (from the elder tree grove)Alanna (child)

Shannon (Little old wise one)

3 boys Logan (small hollow)Rian (little king)

Owen (young warrior, well-born)

 Sean (gift from God)Brandon (Prince; brave)

Kevin (Gentle)

 Colm (Dove)Fagan  (joyful)

Leary (Cattle keeper)

2 girls & 1 boys Ashlyn (dream)Maeve (she who intoxicates)

Caden (spirit of battle)

 Maire (Bitter)Nora (Light)

Cian (Ancient)

 Shauna (Present) Teagan (good-looking)

Darren (Great)

1 girl & 2 boys

 Cara (face)Bradan (salmon)

Finn (fair or white)

  Fiona (Fair)Quinn (wise)

Seamus (Supplant)

 Nicole (People’s victory)Killian (strife)

Cameron (crooked nose)

Unique Names to Consider

There are plenty of gorgeous names out there, but perhaps you want some you want hear over and over when your kids go to school. Choosing a unique name is a great way to set your triplets apart from other children, and even one another.

Some of these may not have meaning, but that only adds to their uniqueness, right?

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girls Tenley (burnt clearing)Nevaeh (heaven backwards)

Capri (whimsy, playful)

 Elliana (God has answered me)Adley (Judicious)

Brailyn (n/a)

 Kynlee (Fair skinned; warrior)Savea (The Swedish nation)

Amaris (child of the moon)

3 boysLennox (nobleman)Jaxton (reinvention of Jackson)

Rex (King)

 Coen (brave;advice)Ryker (Rich)

Jace (a healing)

 Caelum (chisel)Bransen (son of the raven)

Thane (follower)

2 girls & 1 boys Rowena (white spear of famous friend)Reign (n/a)

Gage/ Gaige (oath, pledge)

 Aerilyn (Beautiful air)Layana (radiant)

Jensen (god is gracious)

 Arlett (Manly)Camreigh (n/a)

Kellen (Slender; fair)

1 girl & 2 boys

 Saffron (flower, spice)Cove (hut, bay, nature name)

Knox  (round hill)

  Daesyn (n/a)Soren (reddish brown hair)

Holden (Gracious)

 Hadley (form the heath covered meadow)Easton (from East town)

Maddox (Son of Maddock)

And of Course…

Names with the Same Letter

There’s just something so cute about multiples whose names start with the same initial. It flows off the tongue, and also ties your children together in an adorable way.

GenderTriplet 1Triplet 2Triplet 3
3 girls Devyn (poet)Dixie (tenth)

Delilah (to flirt)

 Lana (light)Larissa (protection)

Lucy (Light)

 Anastasia (reborn)Aurelia (Gold)

Atarah (crown)

3 boysLevi (joined)Leo (lion)

Landon (long hill)

 Dean (Valley)Davis (David’s son)

Dominic (Lord)

 Ryder (Knight)Ranger (ward of the Forest)

Roland (Famous)

2 girls & 1 boys Poppy (flower)Paige (page to a lord)

Patrick (noble)

 Heather (an evergreen plant)Hailey (Field of hay)

Hendrix (ruler; power)

 Desiree (Desired)Dakota (friend;ally)

Dax (water)

1 girl & 2 boys

 Avery (ruler of the elves)Aiden (little and fiery)

Alexander (defending men)

 Brynn (From the hill)Byron (From the cottage)

Blake (light;dark)

 Odette (Wealthy)Orion (rising in the sky)

Octavian (Born eighth)

Any mother will tell you that naming a baby takes time, research, and even doubt. When you’re naming three wonderful babies coming into this world, it’s okay to feel a little lost. The love of a name should match the love you’ll have for the person carrying it. Hopefully these names have given you the right inspiration to choose the perfect three for your incredible triplets.

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