Celebrity Baby Names for Multiples

If you are having twins or triplets, you may be wondering what other parents name their babies when there is more than one baby to name! If you enjoy pop culture and celebrity news, you might even be curious to hear about what famous parents name their little multiples. If you are looking for some celebrity inspiration for your double or triple trouble, read on for some fresh and fun ideas.

Vivienne and Knox 

Looking for a set of unique but strong names for your twins? Brad and Angelina have got you covered. Knox, meaning hill or bump, is masculine, strong, yet also flexible enough to work for a baby girl or boy. Vivienne is ultra feminine to the masculinity of Knox, and really rounds out this due. Need another name for a triplet? You can find other inspiration from the Pitt/Jolie squad by looking at Maddox, Marley, or Shiloh.

Gus and John

If you enjoy more traditional names, you might really like what Julie Bowen, of Modern Family fame, named her boy/boy twins. These classic names won’t go out of style, yet also don’t seem stale. Better yet, Bowen’s third son is named Oliver, which would be a great addition for a set of triplets as well.

Dolly and Charlie

Are cutesy, fun names more your style? Just look at Rebecca Romijn, who named her twin girls Charlie and Dolly. Taking a more masculine name like Charlie, and giving it to a girl, is a super modern twist on naming that keeps it fresh. Looking to add a third name to make this group suitable for your triplets? If you want to keep up with the fun and cute theme, you could go with Ivy, made famous by Beyonce, or Frankie, after Drew Barrymore’s little one.

Damian, Saxon, and Kai

There may not be many celebrity triplets, but the ones that do exist have such lovely names! Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, gave his boy/boy/boy triplets unique yet still understandable names. Damian, meaning tame, meshes well with Saxon (which means swordsman). Kai, a name that just hit the top 100, rounds out the trio with the meaning of warrior, or strong. A perfect set of names for three perfect little baby boys.

Scarlett and Hunter

A little different take on the idea of celebrity baby names! Scarlett Johansson happens to have a twin brother named Hunter. The pair of names goes together so well that it just had to be included on this list. Looking for a third name? Scarlett herself named her little girl Rose, which seems like a beautiful addition to this list.

Ashton and Michael

One more set of twins that happen to include a celebrity! Ashton Kutcher has a twin brother names Michael. Ashton, meaning from the Ash tree, is now a popular name for both boys and girls (spelled Ashtyn for a girl). Michael has been in the top names for decades, which makes it a great counterpart for the more unique Ashton. Another great name to make duo a trio? Adding Ashton’s own daughter’s name to the list, Wyatt! This name works for a boy or a girl, making is the perfect addition to this set.

 Celebrities often get a lot of media when it comes time to reveal their baby names (remember the frenzy surrounding Beyonce’s twins, Rumi and Sir?) and once you announce to friends and family that you are having multiples, you are sure to be the center of attention yourself! Luckily, you have months to decide on names for your babies, and unlike celebrities, you won’t have to deal with any negative media attention when you finally make the big announcement, so have fun with it!

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